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SMR Audits

Our industry knowledge and experience.

We understand your business and its challenges.

Our processes have been developed in the sectors we certify, meaning that our approach is relevant for industry.

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Audit in MalaysiaAudit in Malaysia

Audit in SingaporeAudit in Singapore

Audit in VietnamAudit in Vietnam

Step 1 [Inquiry, Application & Contract]

- Inquiry, Questionnaire & Quotation
- Application Review & Certification Service Contract including SMR Terms and Conditions

Step 2 [Audit planning]
- General discussion for Certification audit including audit dates and accommodations
- Organizing audit team, audit plan and notice team to applicant
Step 3 [Pre-audit (optional)]
- Pre-check audit before certification audit
Step 4 [Stage 1 Audit]
- Check applicant’s arrangement for Certification audit
- General discussion for Stage 2 audit and check justification for Stage 2 audit
- Communicating concerns that could be non-conformities during Stage 2 audit
Step 5 [Stage 2 Audit]
- Conducting Stage 2 audit on implementation and conformity of Management System
- Reporting non-conformities to applicant and recommendation for certification
Step 6 [Corrective action and Verification]
- Implementation of corrective actions by applicant and verification on the actions taken
Step 7 [Certification Decision]
- Certification decision by Certification Committee
Step 8 [Issue of Certificate]
- Issue of 3 years valid certificate 3 years and award ceremony (optional)
Step 9 [Surveillance audit]
- Routine surveillance audit according to audit frequency
Step 10 [Re-certification audit]
- Whole audit per 3 years for re-certification before expiry of certification
[Certification Modification of certified scope including extending, reducing]
If a certified client intends to extend or reduce its certified scope, SMR applies its criteria of Certification Modification. Details here

SMR HQ in Korea HQ in Korea

SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ
(a signatory under IAF)SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ (a signatory under IAF)

SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ
www.jas-anz.orgSMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ

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