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SMR Audits

Our industry knowledge and experience.

We understand your business and its challenges.

Our processes have been developed in the sectors we certify, meaning that our approach is relevant for industry.

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Feedback and Complaints

1. Certified Organizations Search

Certified organisation is also found at the JAS-ANZ Register
If you fail to find out appropriate information from above or want the latest information, Please contact us.


2. Your Feedback and Complaints

SMR is committed to improving our services and welcomes any comments or complaints relating to an organisation certified by SMR and SMR. It helps us to identify anything that we do well, or need to improve.

We encourage your feedback so that we can work together to resolve your concerns and complaints in a constructive and timely manner. Should you have any comment or complaint, please take time to inform us, so that we can deal with the matter as expediently as possible.

How do I make complaint?

Complaints can be submitted in a letter, fax or email or by telephoning SMR. SMR's contact details are available here. .

If you wish to remain anonymous, a SMR staff member may record your details and ask you to substantiate your complaint with documentation. You must be able to support your complaints with evidence and show that all attempts have been made to resolve the issue at the lowest level before contacting SMR.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 10 working days if your comment or complaint is received in writing. Your comment or complaint will be kept strictly confidential within SMR and will only be seen by appropriate SMR staff members and those involved in the complaint. Where possible all names will remain confidential however the details of the complaint may have to be shared, with your approval, in order to resolve the problem.

Your comment or complaint will be investigated and you will be informed of what action has taken place to ensure that everything has been resolved in the best way possible for all concerned. You will receive feedback on a regular basis until a complaint is resolved. You will receive the outcome within an agreed time or 30 working days. You will receive feedback on a regular basis until a complaint is resolved.

When you receive a letter of response from SMR, you will be asked to complete a feedback form asking if you are satisfied with the outcome. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can appeal the matter to SMR. Eventually if you are dissatisfied with the outcome or SMR, you can directly bring the matter to the attention of JAS-ANZ.

SMR HQ in Korea HQ in Korea

SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ
(a signatory under IAF)SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ (a signatory under IAF)

SMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ
www.jas-anz.orgSMR is accredited by JAS-ANZ

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